Small and Medium Sized Businesses Are The Fuel Behind Big Economies

This is the reason we are working hard to make your business website work for your business. It's our way to take some of the stress away and make sure your tireless effort continues. We provide you with a website that attracts new clients and orders that will drive your business to success.

Hi and welcome to my website. My name is Simon Sebjanic and I design and build websites to help your business succeed. I design websites with growth and conversion in mind, so they can do their part to your business success.

At my job, I quickly realized that traditional web design doesn't work anymore. These days it's not enough to just deploy a website. That's why I made the decision that my Company will do things in a different way. We want to work together with our clients and provide business support and maintenance. Of course alongside our marketing packages. This will allow our clients to have a continuous development of their websites.

My goal is to nurture the relationships with our clients. I didn't want the relationship to end the same second the website is launched. This leads to bad relations and you as a client are a victim and prisoner of your website and design agency.

My wish and goal are that Nomiscom WebDesign becomes your partner. By doing that we want to stand by your side and provide your business with support and tools to enable your growth. You definitely deserve it.

You can rest assured that nothing will please us more that your success. It's something that we will brag about too. Your success is our success.


We believe

That designing a website is more than just making it pretty. It's more of employing the right strategy into a design. Of course, a website also has to be visually appealing, but without the strategy to attract and convert visitors, the looks don't mean anything.

Let's face it. You want more traffic from people that are interested in your services and products. Right? And logical conclusion is that you want to convert them into your paying customers. Also, your goal is to know how to nurture relations with your visitors, your leads and existing clients.

Now combine all that together and add our passion about online solutions. You get a winning combination that will drive growth to your business.

What do you need for a successful business website?

Traditional web design isn't working anymore. YOU need a website, that will attract new clients and will work hard day and night for you.

We will help you to always be up to date with marketing strategies, software for your website and Google algorithm changes in this fast-paced world of web technology and digital marketing.

We are introducing a new way to designing a website

Designing a website here at Nomiscom is based on growth. This means that your website will be designed with strategy in mind. Which helps you to grow your business faster. Together with digital marketing services, business support, and tools that we can provide, you will make the next step in making business.

Our strategically designed websites help you to connect the dots between you and your audience, from the time of first impression right to the buying decision.

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Quality services

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