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Here you will find Black Friday marketing ideas and as the Cyber Monday goes hand in hand with Black Friday these ideas will be useful for that marketing campaign too.

First, let’s see what the fuss is all about?

What started in the USA is now getting traction all over the World.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday a day after Americans celebrate their holiday Thanksgiving. The day is marking the start of the festive holiday season.

As far as I managed to find out it all started in Philadelphia back in 1961. This was the first time that it was made to a shopping fest. But on a smaller scale than today.

When it all started this was a one-day event when retailers offered discounted products. Now Black Friday stretches through the whole weekend until the Monday.

And this is going on all over the World.

The thing is that not only products are on sale, but also the services.

Many companies have special discounts that are day specific. This means that there is 50 % off on Black Friday and then on Saturday you get a buy 1 get 3 discounts.

While in Europe, or I should say in Slovenia the discounts aren’t as big as they are in the USA, they are still a great motivation for shoppers to visit stores.

I guess we love shopping all around the World.

What Was The Real Point of Black Friday?

It may seem like a surprise but it wasn’t all about shopping and it wasn’t driven by retailers and companies

The idea for it came from shoppers.

The phrase that is used originates from 1950 when it was used to describe heavy traffic after Thanksgiving.

It became or started its shopping mania in 1961 in Philadelphia. Special offers were offered by shop owners and they opened the shops in the early morning according to Wikipedia.

Now let’s take a look at the younger brother of Black Friday.

What is Cyber Monday?

It all started 13 years ago in 2005. The goal behind it was to boost sales online for the first internet retailers.

Also, it was to make online shopping more popular.

But because today we don’t make much difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday it all became the busiest 4 days of shopping and discounts. It can mean more days because Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Thanksgiving, so it can be later than this year.

Well, at least when it comes to where we shop. You see Black Friday was meant to be for physical stores and Cyber Monday for online stores.

But today Black Friday is online and the line between online and offline is erased.

And that, of course, means 4 days of opportunities for sellers and buyers.

I mean for me it’s all tied together.

We really don’t make a difference between the two days, because where ever in the World you are (mostly), these 4 days are all about discounts and special offers.

These offers are opportunities to get stuff cheaper and for you as a business owner to have one last push to increase your revenue before the end of the fiscal year.

Before we start, just a quick tip.

To really maximize the number of sales, make sure you don’t just offer one discount for the whole Black Friday and Cyber Monday event.

With just one you could be having trouble to compete with others and stand out.

So go day by day and offer something every day.

Some Quick Stats

Here are some stats that can also help you plan out a strategy that will bring you a revenue boost.

I am sure that together with our ideas and the stats you will be able to have the best Black Friday campaign ever.

In 2016 it was the first year that more online purchases were made with made with tablets and mobile phones. So make sure your online store and website is mobile friendly.

90 % of users that plan to shop online will compare deals and discounts so, make sure your offers are transparent and easy to find.

61 % of shoppers will start the search for deals in the days leading to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A reason to start your campaign ahead of the “D” day.

It’s interesting to see that Men spend roughly 50 % more than Women.

An interesting stat is that 83 % of those who live with their family or are homeowners will spend double the amount than those that are living in a rented apartment.

49,35 % of shoppers will look for deals online and offline. So make sure you are prepared for that. See, we don’t look at online and offline differently.

The survey conducted by Black Friday World found out that 47 % of people will participate in the hunt for bargains. Which is more than last year (36 %).

If we compare a regular Friday to a Black Friday the sales increase by 624 %. This is a global average.

The most money is spent in North America and Europe, on average $298,57. But the biggest spenders are the shoppers in the USA. They spend on average $515.

There is another report showing that the shoppers could spend as much as $1000 each this year.

The World average discount is 55 %. This means that the offers are really good and both sides are winning.

And it seems that every pleasure also can come with a pinch of regret, the stats show that 52 % of people are going to regret what they bought and spend. Men more likely than Women.

Black Friday Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Sales

Make your one last push for the end of the year and generate some extra revenue.

The ideas are not in any particular order, they can be used combined or separately. Hopefully, you’ll get the best out of this shopping spree.

1. Create a Gift Collection or a Guide

A person holding a gift
Gift Collection

If you have an online store, you can easily create a product tag and then add that tag to the products that you want to feature in that collection.

This will automatically populate that collection and you have your own gift guide.

You can also create a guide by writing a post that will feature a list of products that you recommend for someone to gift them to their significant other.

As in today’s World, you can sell online in more than just one way. The post gift guide is also a great idea to do for affiliate marketing.

If you have a blog and want some extra money, this is a great idea to do on a Black Friday.

Gift guide can be, something like “X Best Gifts for Your Partner” or “X Best Gifts for a Handyman”.

2. Have a Landing Page for Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Active all Year

A man viewing a website on a mobile phone
Dedicated Landing Page

As you can see in the stats about Black Friday, shoppers tend to search for offers and deals in the week leading to Black Friday.

So it’s a good idea to have a landing page that is dedicated to Black Friday all year long.

That way you’ll have a better SEO as the page will be a regular on your website and not just a one time deal.
This will help you show up in searches for Black Friday.

If you are creating a landing page just for that one day every year you will not rank in the top results, as the page will be brand new.

So what are landing pages?

Landing pages are used in marketing to promote your offers, products, and deals.

It’s a best practice that you don’t have any other distractions on a landing page. This means no navigation or any other stuff that would pull the attention of visitors away from the focal point of interest.

When someone lands on your dedicated landing page you know that they are interested in your deals and because the page is active all year long it can help you build your e-mail list.

So to spice up the page, add:

  • Subscribe button, so people can be notified about your deals and discounts.
  • Make sure it’s responsive and accessible on all devices. If you have an e-commerce store you see that online shopping is surpassing offline.
  • Like said before, make the site available all year long, that way you can build your email list all year long and then send out your deals.

3. Create a Discount Coupon or a Code for Online and Offline

Discounts in a shop window Sale
Create a Coupon or a Discount

This one is the easiest and it takes the least of your time creating it. You offer a price discount for your store or online store visitors.

You don’t even have to print the coupons, make the coupon available for download or offer to send them the coupon right into their inbox.

That way they can print it and use it in your store.

If you also have a e-commerce you can combine it with the code and let them choose where they want to use it.

Every e-commerce platform has the ability to create coupons and discount codes, so use it to your advantage.

4. Promote the Offer on Your Website

Interestingly only 50 % of retailers will use their website’s homepage to promote their Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers.

This is where your opportunity lies.

Promote it and make sure you lead your customers to a dedicated landing page like mentioned above.

5. Send Out an Email Campaign With Your Deals and Promotions

This one goes out to both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as you can get a lot of revenue that way.

Email marketing is still one of the best channels to promote your deals.

To make the emails more effective do the following:

  • Segment your users, as not everyone’s the same. Categorize based on their demographics, location and what they bought from you in the past. You can make your job segmenting user easier if you ask them to fill out their profile or have them sign up form set up to get more info. Doing that will give you a much more clear voice because you will be talking more directly to your target audience.
  • Personalize your emails. It’s nice to get wishes for holidays, but it sounds generic. Try using their name like “Happy Holiday, John. Maybe you want to greet them with “Hi, John”, rather than just “Hi”. You can also personalize your emails with offers that are specific for the user or the region where they live.
  • CTA. You can create a call to action in your email so they can save the date in their calendar, so their mobile phone will remind them of your deals.
  • Consider time-zones when sending out your emails.
  • Your subject line has to draw enough attention and make them open your email, so make sure to create a good one. But be transparent, not deceiving.

6. Take Your Promotions on Social Media and Forums

People using mobile phones
Promote on Social Media and Forums

Promote your offers on your social media accounts, forums, and social media groups. Make sure you take the time to prepare your material to share with your follower.

So you post posts that are talking about the before, mid and after the deals and the event has ended.

This should apply for Cyber Monday too.

This is where you see it’s important to create a following, as it can really help you to be active and engaging with your followers.

If someone comments, you answer, that’s how you will provide the best experience and convince them to buy with you. Be human.

And don’t forget to use additional hashtags like:

#blackfriday #blackfridaysale #blackfridaydeals #blackfridayyear #smallbusinesssaturday #cybermonday #sale #specialoffer

7. Create a Chatbot or a Messenger Bot

Person using a laptop with chat bubbles
Create a Chatbot

You see, automatization is here and having a bot that greets your visitor on your website and offers them a special deal and answers their question, can really help with converting your visitors into clients.

I mean your visitors would get an amazing user experience because they could have a meaningful conversation about what they are after.

You see, if your bot can ask what kind of a deal they are after and gives them a few gift guides available (see how things can be connected), and they choose one or more right there.

What’s even better, after the bot provides them with a link to your gift guide, he can then provides them their personal discount, just for them, with the option to subscribe if this is in a week leading to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

That’s what I call a great user experience in an e-commerce store. It can also be connected with offline shopping, let them download the coupon.

See bots can be handy for you.

8. Make Sure to Start Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotions Early

That’s right.

Start before everyone does. Try to get people to sign up to your email list. Share coupons that are available to cash in only on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

That way you can increase your reach and also improve your conversion rate, as you will already give them something that they cash in on.

9. Organize a Flash Sale in the Days Leading to The Main Event

As the main event is a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, why not build up the hype with a short flash sale.

As the name suggests this is a short sale, that has high discounts.

It’s not uncommon to offer free shipping, that can help you compete with bigger retailers.

The best results are seen in two or three-hour flash sales as reported by Shopify.

These short sales are also a good way to experiment what works best for your company and your target audience.

Four things to have in mind when doing a flash sale:

  • Limit the selection of products. This means don’t have all of your products or services discounted for this sale before the main sale on Black Friday.
  • Make sure you have enough of the available products in stock.
  • Don’t let your website to crash (have a good hosting in place or let your host know what you will do so they can allocate additional resources for that moment).
  • Define your targeting market for your flash sale
  • Ship your products fast, so that they will get to your clients in 1-3 days

Announce your flash sale on your website, in your store if you have a physical store, and on your social media channels.

On a website the best place is at the top of the browser, so your visitors can see it right away and make it sticky, so it scrolls down the page and stays in the view.

10. Offer Deals by the Hour

A clock
Offer Deals by the Hour

You can have one main offer that is active through all of the Black Friday sale, say like 30 % off of everything.

But then you offer like 50 % off for a certain product or a service, that is valid only for an hour. After that, you select another product or a different deal.

However, you should remember that this takes quite some work to prepare yourself.

Make sure you announce your deal on a homepage of your website in a banner and change it as your offer changes.

Also, make sure you share the banners on your social media as the hour deals roll out.

For this to work you will mostly need a team to help you, as a solo entrepreneur this could be quite a large and overwhelming task.

11. Offer Your Shoppers a Free Gift

Make it known that they can get a free gift if they buy with you.

Offer them a few products that are free if they buy with you.

You can even make it so, that they get a gift if they buy in for a certain amount, like buy combined worth of $ 40 and choose your present.

Don’t charge for shipping for the gift, as it’s automatically less attractive to receive a gift if someone has to pay for shipping, it’s not free anymore.

If you sell clothes, maybe give away some earrings or other small jewelry to women or a tie pin for men.

12. Cross-sell and Upsell

Do it with style. When they are looking at a certain product, make sure you offer them a product that is complementary to the one they are looking at and offer them an additional discount if they buy both or even three products together.

Include these offers to show up when they add a certain product in the cart or they are at the checkout.

Make it easy for them to add that product to cart.

13. Don’t Limit Your Sale Just for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

While some are having deals just on Friday or Cyber Monday, why not make your deals throughout the weekend.

Have something every day, from Friday to Monday.

But as Black Friday deals are something that most people are eager to cash in on.

You can offer discounts on another day with your product segments.

That way you can really increase your revenue and offer some great deals to your customer offline and online.

14. Create a Bundle of Products of Services

Bundle of towels
Create a Bundle of Products of Services

Most of you have more than one product or service to offer, so why not create some bundles beside the regular discount.

Similar to the upsell and cross-sell idea, but here you can show your bundles upfront and show the value that the bundle has and provide a good deal.

15. Offer a No Questions Asked Return Policy

As you saw it at the beginning many people regret what they buy during their deal chase, so why not show your human face and give them a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

You’ll show you actually care about them not just about their money, and they will be more likely to come back.

16. Create a Preview of Products That Will be Available on Sale

You can create a short video that features the products that you will be having on sale.

It can even be a slideshow. Promote the video on social media and create hype around your store.

17. Introduce New Products and Services

Presentation in a conference room
Present a New Product

It’s not a bad idea to add new products to your offer right inline with these big holiday promotions.

As they are new, your store will have a fresh look and feel.

To build hype start promoting what is coming to your store on Black Friday. If you want to play a game, you can introduce different product or bundles of them on different days, so you have something new every day of the sale.

18. Create a Plan and To Do List

A schedule of events on a board
Prepare a Plan and To Do List

Remember to make sure your deals will get you what you want, plan out everything.

Make sure you have the right graphics at the right time.

Don’t forget to schedule promotion posts on social media. Use tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to do so.

Before you start, plan out what kind of promotions will you offer and on which days, so you have something to offer every day.

Write and plan the copy, content and find images before the main sale.

19. Offer a Hidden Discount

Play on human curiosity, so they will want to get that mystery offer that is awaiting those who dare to get your deal.

Also, the element of surprise and not knowing what is hidden can be a great factor when users will be deciding to buy.

20. Reward Your Loyal Customers

Special deal sign
Reward Loyalty

Send your loyal customers some extra deal that will show them that they are special to you.

This means that this is some kind of a VIP offer that no one else can get but your loyal customers.

21. Send Gift Cards in Regular Mail

Gift card with a red heart
Send a Gift Card

No, I am not losing my mind. Be different.

Show that even you know how to be creative. If you have a huge client base send them this card.

In some countries, like in Slovenia, it’s possible to send regular mail to everyone that allows promotion materials in their postbox. You just have to get in touch with the National Post.

22. Offer a Self-Printable Gift Cards

You see, a lot of people are searching for gifts that they want to give to their loved ones.

Why don’t you offer them to buy gift cards, so that their friends and family members can buy something they want.

Promote this before the weekend, so they can come to your store or online store somewhere between a Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

23. Make Your Black Friday Sale a Facebook Event

Create an Event on Facebook
Create an Event

That’s right. Create an event, share it and invite people, so they will get notifications when you post some news about it.

Also, why not ask them to invite their friends, so you can have your sale really packed with people hardly waiting to buy from you.

24. Team Up With Someone

Man and a Woman shacking hands
Team Up With Someone

If your team with a small business or someone else it can help you to get new buyers, as you will be tapping into their audience.

The same goes for them.

This can be a great opportunity to expand your reach and increase your revenue.

25. Have a Mystery Bundle Revelation

Gift with a tag make a wish
Have a Mystery Bundle Revelation

This way you can be a bit mysterious and show your playful side.

This similar to creating a bundle and offering a discount but you can reveal one product at a time and offer a discount for that particular product and the whole bundle of products.

This can activate all the different segments of your potential buyers.

26. Make Them Play a Game

This is a great way to build up your email list and increase your sales.

Put up a pop – up with a wheel of fortune on your site and collect email while you send out coupons that can be used throughout the weekend and on Cyber Monday.

This can really increase your conversion rate and they get to play a game.

27. Hide a Discount Code on Your Website

Hide the treasure on your website and make the visitors look for. You can create a pop-up that will tell them about the game.

You can hide multiple codes on your product pages and make them usable on a specific day or give the one that finds them all a big discount.

Be different and engaging.

28. Create a Contest For a Huge Discount

This can be done on Facebook and make it a requirement to like your post, page, and comment.

Then pick one or more winners and give them a special discount.

Of course, this should be an addition to your offer to build up even more momentum.

29. Add the Urgency Feel to Your Offer

Clock on a laptop
Add the Urgency Feel to Your Offer

Yes, the deals and offers are raining and everything but you can fight this.

Show your visitors and customers that the offer is going to end, add a countdown clock on a product or on a discount with a banner.

30. Prepare a Retargeting Plan For Your Abandoned Carts

A lot of people will try to leave your e-commerce store after they have put the products in the cart, right before the checkout.

You can fight this.

The easiest way is to have a pop-up that is triggered when a visitor that has something in the cart tries to leave your website.

You can offer additional discount code or ask him if he is willing to blow the deal that was offered to him by you.

The second way is to have your chat box open and someone talks to the visitor live.

But you need someone that will be available to do that.

31. Extend Your Deals and Offers Beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday

You can offer great deals and even create urgency but still satisfy the need that will be following these days of huge deals and offerings.

Why not stand out and get new clients throughout the whole week after Cyber Monday.


Hopefully, these Black Friday marketing ideas will help you increase followers, traffic, leads, and revenue.

Make the last push this year and finish strong. And have in mind that a lot of people are buying gifts to others, so be prepared for that.

If you want to know how to create a successful website check here.

Now plan what will your next offer be.

marketing ideas for black friday

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