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It happens, and it comes in all forms.

We get rejected on dates and rejected on trying to buy tickets for sold-out shows.

We get rejected from jobs, and if you work in sales or marketing, you learn to accept rejection as part of the way of doing business.

But there’s something that might be harder than rejection, and that’s silence.

When you send a note to a client or potential client via email and hear nothing, the silence can be deafening. Did you say something wrong? Offend someone? Or did your message just fall flat?

Receiving no response to an email may be off-putting, but it shouldn’t deter you from making the next step, and that’s sending a follow-up email.

Carefully crafted, that second email can be a great way to reinforce a message and regain your chance at a solid relationship.

This graphic offers some great tips to follow.

When They Don’t Respond, Here’s How You Write a Follow-Up Email

Simon Sebjanic

SEO specialist and Founder of Nomiscom WebDesign. Here to help you grow your business with the strategic approach to designing your business website and growing it to become the tool that is increasing your revenue.
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